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2009, Kangra

National Institute of Fashion Technology:
Its a sheer joy to experience this wonderful play of nature and architecture, within multiple verandahs and terraces where, the design students would be able to work with nature surrounding them

NIFT Kangra

2011, Goa

National Institute Of Water Sports:
Being one of its kind of an Institute in Asia the project has been designed to strive a dynamic relationship between the sports player and the sea through its architectural language and spaces


2007, New Delhi

Delhi pollution Control Committee Head Office:
Multiple layers of philosophy, Technology, vision and function shaped the final design of the Building which will also host a permanent exhibition on Green Technologies and Innovations

DPCC Head Office

A firm that provides sustainable architecture and urban design solutions, M:OFA treats architecture as ever changing and mutable

Architectural Digest: AD50 March-April 2015

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